Powerup Kit

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Everything you need to make a lightshow out of your old Raspberry Pi 1
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Includes a Raspberry Pi 2

A programmable lightboard that visualises your code

Learn the basics behind computer graphics by programming 126 beaming LED-lights.

Simple steps, playful projects

Guided by a beautiful book it's the easiest way to get playing with the Pi. Easy setup with plug-and-play.

Visualise your code

Learn the basics behind computer graphics. Lights help you see how your code works.

Upgrade the brain

Get more from your Kano. The nippy Raspberry Pi 2 drives your Computer Kit six times faster.

Endless possibilities

Make lights dance, scroll, flicker, write text and blink in endless combinations.

Become a Lightshow Legend

Complete eleven new challenges to earn the badge of Lightshow Legend.
What is the Powerup Kit?
The Powerup Kit turns your first Kano Computer Kit (powered by the Raspberry Pi 1) into a programmable disco triggered by Minecraft and more. It upgrades your Kano experience with sixfold faster speed with a Raspberry Pi 2 brain.
How do I know if I’ve got a Kano with a Raspberry Pi 1?
The main difference between Raspberry Pi 1 and Raspberry Pi 2 is the number of ports. If you have 2 USB ports, then you’ve got a Pi 1, Model B. You may have a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B + if you have 4 USB ports. Get in touch if you need a hand identifying your model.

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