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A playful screen you build yourself

Learn how screens work by making one. Complete your Computer Kit.

More time to make

A dedicated screen means more time for young minds to make, learn and play with code.

A simple story

Guided by a story book, simple steps show you how to wire, plug and hack an HD screen.

Beautiful design

Crafted by Kano's award-winning design team, it's the first screen that anyone, anywhere, can build themselves.

Gorgeous high-definition

The world's most affordable 10.1-inch HD screen.

Neat & tidy storage

Onboard storage to neatly pack away your computer, keyboard, and cables.

Make it yourself

How do screens really work? Piece together your own to find out.

See what's inside

See all the pieces that make a screen: plug buttons, boards, cables, and cards. Look inside with a magnifying glass!

Have Screen, will travel

The lightweight and portable Screen Kit means the Kano Kit can travel.

Make it your own

Use stickers, velcro, buttons, and custom cards to design a screen that's true to you.

Kid safe
For all ages



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What is the Screen Kit?
The Screen Kit is a portable, playful HD display you build yourself. It’s a new make-it-yourself moment, to demystify the display, and take Kano portable. The Screen Kit has a unique modular design. It’s creative learning for kids and big kids.
Do parents need to know about technology?
No prior knowledge is needed. We provide a step-by-step storybook to guide you.
Is adult supervision necessary when playing with Kano?
Some children between 6-8 years old may require parental supervision when reading the Kano Book and assembling the Screen Kit components. Children 8 years and older are proven to be quite self sufficient on their Kano!

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